River's End Ranch

Welcome to River's End Ranch, a destination vacation spot located near Riston, Idaho, where you can go rafting, horseback riding, mountain climbing, swimming, golfing . . . and even fall in love. Written by five bestselling authors, these stories are sure to become your new favorites. 

Book #1: Short Order Sheriff by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)

Kelsi Weston, the youngest of six siblings, loves life. She has a job she adores, is surrounded by people she loves, and gets to work with people she cares about. If only she could keep cooks in the café she manages, life would be perfect. When her long-time boyfriend announces he’s leaving town for a new job on the same day her cook leaves with no notice, she does what she always does. She handles it.

Sheriff Shane Clapper has loved Kelsi for years, going to her café for lunch every day simply so he can see her. When he hears she’s broken up with her boyfriend, he immediately goes to the café to make his move. Why let grass grow under his feet? He knows what he wants, and he plans to get it! Will the sheriff be able to convince Kelsi she would be happier with him? Or will she give into her mother’s demands to date the man picked out for her?

Book #2: Veterinarian's Vacation by Pamela Kelley (click to purchase)
Jess Weston is about to graduate from veterinarian school when Jake, her cousin Wade's best friend from high school, comes back to town for a two-week vacation and Wade puts him in the cottage next to hers. It was bad enough that she'd had an embarrassing and totally unrequited crush on Jake when she was younger, but now he was even more attractive, and he might be sticking around for longer than two weeks....as her new boss, which puts him firmly off limits for anything more than friendship. 

Jake Wheldon is also a veterinarian and has come home to Riston to be closer to his father who lives in town with his snobby wife, Claire. Jake wants to put down roots, to build something and jumps on an opportunity to buy the vet clinic where Jess is an intern. He hasn't seen her since she was thirteen. She was cute then but much too young for an eighteen-year-old high school senior. She's all grown up now, but as his employee, she remains out of reach.

Book #3: Accidental Agent by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
Liz Colby is an aspiring author who works at Kelsey’s Kafé while waiting to make it big. When a handsome, mysterious customer comes in and orders a burger, she immediately begins wondering about him, thinking he’d be a great addition to her new novel.

FBI agent Jack Saunders had to get out of LA, so he just got in his car and started driving. When he ends up at a place called River’s End Ranch and goes into the diner, he overhears a suspicious conversation, and his instincts tell him there’s something about this cute blonde waitress that needs further investigation.

Two mysteries to be solved, and two lonely hearts looking for a home . . . just another day at Kelsey’s Kafé, where romance is always on the menu.

Book #4: Whitewater Wooing by Caroline Lee (click to purchase)
When Will Weston’s parents give him an ultimatum—one he can’t possibly stomach—he knows what he has to do… He has to man up and ask for help. Spreadsheets give him headaches, and all he wants to do is be out on his beloved river, not stuck behind a desk. He knows there’s no way he can continue to run the River’s End Ranch aquatics program by himself, so he hires a temporary manager; someone to come to the ranch just for the summer and straighten things out. Of course, he never would’ve imagined that a new hire named “Elliot Redfern” could be so… mind-numbingly attractive.

Ellie figures that a month on a tourist ranch in Idaho is exactly the sort of summer adventure she needs before going back to her high-stress job in L.A. But this city girl doesn’t count on falling hard for the fresh air, stunning views, and wild fun of River’s End Ranch… not to mention her gorgeous (and completely unsuitable) boss. Too bad there’s no hope for such a mismatched couple.

Or is there? Maybe, with a little help from Indy—Will’s remarkable Border Collie—and some of the other Weston siblings, these two can make their own little Happily Ever After! 

Book #5: Honest Horseman by Cindy Caldwell (click to purchase)
Wyatt Weston never understood why Belinda Archer disappeared, just as he was set to offer her his heart and a life at River’s End Ranch, the place they’d both loved and protected. 

And now she’s back as a Fish and Game warden, assigned to help him find the poachers that have made their destructive presence known on Ranch property. 

Will they be able to admit their mistakes and find a new way forward? Or will the same reason Belinda ended things before get in the way this time, too?

Book #6: Ranch's Retreat by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)
Kaya Taylor lived a simple, quiet life. As a single romance writer, she spent most of her time alone, except for her online friends. Going on a writer’s retreat to some huge destination ranch in Idaho sounded like a dream come true. She would get to spend time with a couple of her closest friends, be in new surroundings, and maybe even learn to ride a horse. On her first night on the ranch, she saw Glen and knew her heart would always belong to him.

Glen Johnson had a plan. He was only a few months from getting his doctorate, and then he was going to turn his uncle’s old ranch he’d inherited into an equine therapy center for autistic children. He’d been working toward the goal for years, and nothing and no one would derail him from it. When he met Kaya, he felt an immediate connection, but he couldn’t let it change his plans. Would Glen be able to make changes to the life plan he’d made for himself? Or would they both spend the rest of their lives aching for the love they lost?

Book #7: Charming Chef by Pamela Kelley (click to purchase)
Barbi Johnson is on the verge of having her biggest dream come true. She's been working hard as a waitress for years, and saving money to open her own yoga studio. She has a verbal agreement with Rita, one of her favorite customers, to buy her Victorian home, with a dance studio on the first floor. It's perfect.

But then Rita unexpectedly dies and her nephew and Barbi's first love, Ryan Calhoun, now a celebrity chef, comes home for the funeral. Barbi hasn't seen him since senior year of high school when she dumped him. She's regretted it ever since and thought of Ryan often. She's shocked when she learns that Rita left the house to Ryan and that he's going to be spending the next few weeks in Riston--working at her restaurant as a favor to his good friend, Wade.

Ryan Calhoun is a successful restaurant empire owner and celebrity chef. but Barbi is the one that he never quite got over. He's not sure how he feels about selling his aunt's house to her or about spending more time with her during his working vacation. He's more attracted than ever, but can he trust that Barbi won't hurt him again?

Book #8: Rugged Rockclimber by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
Amber Russell has just made partner in her law firm, something she's wanted for ages. She's ready to move on from simple cases and start handling some issues that mean something. When her law firm sends her and the other lawyers to a place called River's End Ranch to build team unity, she goes along because she knows she's expected to, but she's not really into it.

Wes Weston isn't so sure what to think of this group of lawyers he's been asked to take rock climbing, especially the woman. She seems cold and aloof until it's time to get her on the ropes, and then she flat-out refuses to go. That's going to make his job more than just a little bit difficult.

Neither of them can deny their chemistry, however, and no one can fight the power of the fairies ...

Book #9: Wild West Wedding by Caroline Lee (click to purchase)
When she offers to help plan her older sister’s wedding, Dinky Redfern knows that she’ll have to pack up everything and move to Idaho temporarily. Luckily, this isn’t a big deal, because a) Dinky is able to fit her entire life—including her pet hedgehog—into her beat-up sedan, and b) her sister lives at a beautiful tourist-destination ranch. No hardship at all… until Dinky meets her handsome co-planner, the groom’s Best Man.

Jace Cunningham is everything that artistic Dinky isn’t: stable, responsible, uptight, and mouth-wateringly gorgeous. They’re total opposites, and definitely not good for each other. But… as the wedding planning continues, and the two of them are forced to work together, they discover that they might just be good with one another.

Jace might think that Dinky is too impulsive to consider a “forever” together, but he’s about to get a lesson in real spontaneity…

Book #10: Gallant Golfer by Cindy Caldwell (click to purchase)
When an injury forces Chad Stanton to leave the golf tour, landing a job as the golf pro at River's End Ranch is the best thing that could have happened. The mountain air, golfing for fun and helping other people learn--without all that competition--is just what the doctor ordered.

Emma Jackson, a beautiful sports therapist, shows up--with everything he'd left behind in tow. The glamour, the competition and the rivalries come to River's End Ranch and as much as he'd like his life to stay quiet and peaceful, he can't ignore the fact that she needs help. Badly.

How can Chad help Emma free herself from a life she no longer wants--and keep his own?

Book #11: Bridget's Beau by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)

Bridget Taylor was excited to be on a trip to Idaho for her twin sister’s wedding. While they didn’t always get along when they were together, they missed each other terribly when they were apart. Soon after her arrival, her sister Kaya introduced her to a man she thought she’d be compatible with, but the twinkle in Kaya’s eye worried Bridget. Exactly who was she setting her up with? When she saw the man for the first time, her heart caught in her throat, sinking just as quickly when she realized his profession.

Kevin Roberts had known for years that he would end up being a pastor. When he found out River’s End Ranch, a beautiful destination ranch in Northern Idaho, was hiring a pastor, he couldn’t pass up the job. After his first couple of months on the ranch a buddy’s wife introduced him to her sister, and knew immediately the sister had to be his wife. But what were her hang ups with him being a pastor? And could he convince her that marrying him was the right thing for both of them?

Book #12: Cute Cowboy by Pamela Kelley (click to purchase)
Lily Donahue has her hands full, between her fun, busy job as an event planner for River’s End Ranch, moonlighting in a local country music band and writing songs. Things get even trickier when she meets the reserved rancher who’s hired her to coordinate his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary celebration.

Cody Jamison’s done with relationships and happily enjoying his quiet life—until he meets his noisy temporary neighbor and her band mates. Lily is not his type at all, and the feeling is mutual—she thinks he’s downright stuffy, but sparks fly no matter how much they try to resist. When she has a chance to follow her true passion, all the way to Nashville…it just confirms his initial belief that they are not right for each other, at all. Or are they?

Book #13: Welcome Wagon by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
Gwen Scott has run the bunkhouse at River's End Ranch for a few years now and feels like part of the Weston family. She can't imagine her life any other way and is content with the choices she made that brought her to this point. She's always wondered, though, about a certain guy she knew in college - a guy who set the standard all other men would have to live up to.

Gabe Grant is a successful judge in Oklahoma City, but feels like something is missing from his life. When he takes Amber's advice and books a vacation at the ranch, he has no idea that he's about to be reunited with the one who got away. Suddenly, it's as though his past and his future have collided, and he has to decide what that means.

Sometimes fate--and the fairies--step in to fix the things that once went wrong.

Book #14: Sarsaparilla Showdown by Caroline Lee (click to purchase)
When your first two loves are books and ice cream (not necessarily in that order!) who has time to fall for something else? Sadie Mayfield has gotten really good at admiring handsome men from afar... After all, it's not like they'd be interested in her, would they? But when Shawn starts frequenting her ice cream and soda shop at River's End Ranch, she sets out to become his friend.

Shawn McAllister--father, war vet, piano teacher--could use a friend. For years he's shuffled his daughter Violet from place to place, trying to make ends meet, and hasn't managed to maintain any sort of relationships. Here at River's End Ranch he has a chance to settle down, but only if he can win the annual Chamber of Commerce contest on behalf of his new job.

But when he finds out that his new best friend has entered her shop in the same contest, he knows that he has a problem. And the even bigger problem is that he's beginning to suspect being "just friends" with someone as special as Sadie isn't going to work, either.

Book #15: Mischievous Maid by Cindy Caldwell (click to purchase)
Mirabelle Walters Banks has left her past behind and will do anything to stay at River’s End Ranch’s and never set eyes on Southern California again, and happily takes a job in the housekeeping department. The ranch’s rugged, majestic landscapes just beg to be put down on canvas and she does whatever it takes to stay—all she wants to do is paint.

Tony Morales has had a lifetime to paint the scenery at the ranch, and as the head of security, he has plenty of time to work, paint—and not much more.

Mira is asked to paint a portrait of a favorite at the ranch—a gnome named Gorgeous George—and their paths collide, their passion for art and beauty tying them together. But when her past catches up to her, how can Tony make sure they’ll have all the time they need—together?

Book #16: Baker's Bob by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)
Miranda White loves her job as a baker at River’s End Ranch. She’s been there a year, and the only fly in the ointment is Bob, the chef for Kelsey’s Kafé, who picks a fight with her every single morning. December on the ranch doesn’t only bring skiers and snowmobilers, it also brings cookies. And at River’s End, cookies mean Miranda.

Bob Blakely is clueless about women, and he knows it. Teasing Miranda every morning about the amount of chocolate chips in her cookies seems to be the best way to get her attention. When Kelsi Clapper invites them both to dinner one night, Bob sees his chance to let her know how he feels. Will Miranda be able to see past his tormenting? Or will she choose to spend another Christmas alone?

Book #17: Merry Manager by Pamela Kelley (click to purchase)
Wade Weston is a workaholic. As the oldest of the six Weston siblings, he manages the overall day to day running of River's End Ranch, which includes a main hotel and cottages and a very busy slate of events. This is the busiest time of year, with a week of Christmas activities that guests and local residents participate in. He's too busy working to think much about dating and the only person he's remotely interested in is off-limits.

Maddie Johnson is a widow with an eight-year-old daughter, Vivian. Wade was the best man at their wedding. She works at the ranch running the spa and is a masseuse. It's been five years since her husband Tim died, and Maddie hasn't really been ready to date anyone seriously yet. Especially as the only one who interests her even a little is Wade, but for obvious reasons, that can't happen.

Book #18: Santa's Shopkeeper by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
It's Christmastime on River's End Ranch, and Heidi's extra busy running the general store and taking care of all the holiday visitors. 

One guest in particular catches her eye - a handsome paramedic who's there with his niece and nephew. 

When a crisis hits the family, Heidi realizes that with a little help from Santa, she's in the perfect position to bring about a Christmas miracle of her own ... and maybe end up with something under the tree for herself.

Book #19: Blacksmith's Beauty by Caroline Lee (click to purchase)
Start with a hot anvil, add a little bit of aloha, a failure of an anxiety pig, a whole lotta Elvis Presley, and what do you get? Christmas at River's End Ranch!

Since moving to River's End Ranch to take over the blacksmith shop, Elvis "Elf" Redfern has been surrounded on all sides by deliriously happy couples in love. And despite his well-earned reputation as a flirt, he's beyond jealous. He's ready to find the love of his life--like his sisters have done--and figures that Christmas is just the time to make it happen.

Which probably means that he shouldn't have taken that bet about kissing the first woman he sees, huh?

Belle Kalani is used to fending off men; as a former beauty queen, she understands that most only want to spend time with her because of her appearance. But Elf is different; he sees past her beauty to the part of her that's desperate for friendship. But when he reveals a surprising talent, all bets are off when it comes to True Love and Christmas at River's End Ranch!

Book #20: Discovering Dani by Cindy Caldwell (click to purchase)
When Dani Weston must fill in as general manager of her family’s guest ranch in the high country of Idaho, she figures she’ll have plenty of help, and ramping up to Christmas will be a breeze.

But the Christmas spirit has other ideas, and help turns out to be something she never expected—an interesting and solitary driver, her twin sister Kelsi and even the family’s banker. And when old wounds surface, Dani finds herself anxious to retreat to her previous life behind the scenes. 

Book #21: Flyboy's Fancy by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)
Debbie White visited River’s End Ranch over Christmas to spend time with her daughter, and she fell in love with the place. When she realizes there’s a job open in her chosen field, she jumps at the chance to move there. As the director of the Kids’ Korral, she has a lot to do to get it ready to open before one of the daughters of the family has her baby. She can’t let her focus be derailed by a handsome pilot who she meets on her first day of work.

Frank Watson, baseball cap collector and retiree of the US Air Force, is the official pilot of River’s End Ranch. In his late forties, he’s never married and isn’t sure he would ever want to. When he first meets Debbie, all his plans for life change. Suddenly he can see himself as a family man. Can he convince Debbie that it’s time for her to move on with a relationship? Or will she continue to be alone?

Book #22: Bernie's Birthday by Pamela Kelley (click to purchase)
Bernie Jennings life is almost perfect...She loves her job assisting Wade Weston, the general manager of River's End Ranch. She has an active social life and her older brother Jack is one of her best friends--even though he is a bit of a ladies man. But he just hasn't found 'the one' yet, and neither has Bernie. She's turning 27 and is very much single. She's been too busy to do much about that though and as the rumor says, love has a way of finding you when you least expect it. Though the only person she keeps running into is David, the ER doc who helped Wade when he had his recent panic attack. She's known him since she was in elementary school and David always acted like he couldn't stand her. At least that's how it seemed to Bernie. When Wade is the highest bidder at a charity auction and gives the bachelor to Bernie as a birthday bonus, she is less than enthused when she sees who it is.

Book #23: Delivering Destiny by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
Abby Meyers runs the UPS Store on River's End Ranch, and she does a very good job of it, too. Even when it means that she has to interact with people, and that's unfortunate because sometimes people are just . . . too people-y. And that includes Reggie Armstrong, who probably skips through rainstorms wearing bright galoshes and handing out lollipops. He's just too happy, and Abby finds that incredibly annoying.

Reggie Armstrong can't put his finger on it, but there's something about Abby that intrigues him. The more he gets to know her and discover the layers beneath her crusty exterior, the more he likes the tender woman inside. And then a chance gift cracks everything wide open, and there just might not be enough duct tape to put it all back together again.

But with a little nudge from the fairies, maybe everything will turn out exactly how it was meant to ...

Book #24: Trusting Tristan by Caroline Lee (click to purchase)
Ex-cop Charley Easton is almost completely sure she doesn't miss her old job. Much. OK, maybe a little. But she is happy running the security detail at River's End Ranch, because for the first time ever, she's got her own beat and people relying on her. Which is why the bad boy who's been hanging around is really rubbing her the wrong way...what's he doing on the ranch, anyhow?

Ex-con Tristan Quarles is perfectly content to keep a low profile, and not screw up the best chance at employment he's had since he got out. But there's this feisty little not-a-cop who's just so easy to tease, and he finds himself thinking about River's End Ranch more than he probably should.

Tristan knows he was locked up for a reason, and that breaking the law is in his blood. But so is loyalty. And when the same crimes begin again--with him as the prime suspect--Tristan and Charley are going to have to figure out where their loyalties lie. To their pasts...or to each other?

Book #25: Snickerdoodle Secrets by Cindy Caldwell (click to purchase)
If anyone had told Erica Sloan a year ago she’d end up on a ranch in the middle of Idaho, baking snickerdoodles and running the inventory office, she’d have called them crazy. But here she was, doing just that, at River’s End Ranch, working for Dani Weston. Even more crazy, she loved every minute of it. Some days, she was even able to forget what had brought her here—or what she was trying not to remember. 

Something about these snickerdoodles, though, spurs the arrival of an unexpected guest to the ranch and turns everything in her world upside down. Now, with her memories popping up right before her eyes, Erica must face them once and for all, or risk her heart being closed forever. 

Book #26: Forever Family by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)
After thirty-five years of peaceful marriage, Bobbi and Wilber Weston have come to a crossroads. They each want something different, and neither is willing to give in to the other. Bobbi loves her children and grandbabies more than she’d ever imagined, and she doesn’t think asking for a change in the plans she’d made with Wilber many years ago should be a difficult thing.

Wilber has been waiting his entire life to get the monkey off his back so he can travel, but now his wife has other plans for their future. He doesn’t understand why they can’t continue with their goals as they were doing before the children married and procreated. Will the two of them be able to make a compromise that will please them both? Or will their marriage end up being just another ugly statistic?

Book #27: Missing Melissa by Pamela Kelley (click to purchase)
When Melissa Winchester learns that Cooper, her ex,  has tracked her down and may be on his way from Boston to Riston, she decides to add cameras to her home alarm system.

Local cop, Jack Jennings, has a better proposal--marry him, ASAP. When Jack first met Melissa, it was love at first sight. But that's nothing new for Jack, so when he confesses to his sister Bernie that he thinks Melissa may be 'the one,' she doesn't take him seriously.

Romance is the last thing on Melissa's mind. It's been months since she moved cross country and she was just starting to relax and enjoy her new home. Running the book shop in the Old Town at the ranch has been a dream come true. Though she reluctantly agrees to marry Jack, as she gets to know him better, she worries that her heart won't be safe when this arrangement ends.

Book #28: Lucky Lifeguard by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
Joey Peterson works at the River’s End Ranch pool during the summer to earn money for college in the fall. His job as a lifeguard is fun and rewarding, although his real dream is to practice sports medicine. He’ll get there . . . one semester at a time.

Chelsea McAllister is an Olympic-hopeful swimmer who damaged her knee on a training run. Looking for a place where she can recover while they celebrate their anniversary, her parents book a trip to River’s End Ranch, not realizing that Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend Joey now works there.

It’s been two years since Joey and Chelsea have seen each other, and they didn’t part on good terms. Hopefully enough time has gone by to wash the old wounds . . . and that it’s all water under the bridge.

Book #29: Midwife's Marvel by Caroline Lee (click to purchase)
Dr. Joshua Hardy is at his wits' end. It's bad enough that his beloved great-aunt is approaching dementia, and is always talking about hearing the fairies, but now she's insisting they want to talk to him too! To a scientist like Joshua, the idea is preposterous...right up until the moment he meets Allison Ravenwing.

Allison is proud of the work she does for the laboring mamas of Riston, and she doesn't consider her life lacking. At forty, she's set in her ways and knows what she wants from life: conversations with her little brother, her grandmother's special tea, and the look of wonder on a mother's face as she meets her baby for the first time. But Allison can't deny that sharing conversations, successes, and challenges with Joshua brings a new kind of joy to her heart.

As Joshua is struggling with his aunt's revelations, a mysterious something leads a desperate pair of orphans right into his heart, and Joshua and Allison need to make some difficult decisions about their comfortable lives. Do they maintain the status quo, or opt for something truly... Marvelous?

Book #30: Bashful Banker by Cindy Caldwell (click to purchase)
Olivia Hamilton loves everything about New York—her local coffee shop, the walk to work, the skyscrapers. As a young, single CPA working on audits, life is exciting—and longing for her Texas cowboy-boot history fades day by day.

Fred Wharton, III, has spent his entire life in Riston, Idaho, working in his family’s business—the Bank of Riston. Going back generations, his bonds run deep with the owners of River’s End Ranch, the Westons. As the keeper of secrets, the return of the parents to the ranch have put him in a pickle.

When the Westons need an audit in a hurry and it’s shrouded in secrecy, he sends up an SOS and Olivia comes to the rescue, both professionally and personally. But will his secrets with Mr. and Mrs. Weston keep him from a path to love and a future of his own?

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