Hearts of Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee - world-famous home of country music, destination for hopeful songwriters and lonely lovers. Meet the artists of Lotus Leaf Records and follow them on their journeys of success, fame, fortune . . . and fate.

Book #1: Whiskey and Women (now available - click to purchase)

Contract lawyer Meg Forrester has just had a parting of ways with her firm. Well, she quit, actually, but same thing. When her good friend Kate wins a trip to Nashville, all expenses paid, to see her favorite country music singer, Meg figures she might as well go along for the ride and shake off the cobwebs.

Quinn Dawson grew up poor, but hit it big time with his first album. Now he's been around the block a few times and has several million tucked away, part of which he's using to care for his parents. Offering a trip to Nashville in a fundraising raffle seems like a great way to bring attention to the cause, and when he sees who won the prize, he feels like a winner too.

There's just one slight problem - Quinn's an alcoholic, and Meg has made herself a promise never to get involved with someone who drinks. 

From the bestselling author of the Kansas Crossroads series comes the story of two broken people coming together and creating a whole.

*more coming soon - stay tuned!*