Mail Order Mounties

Book #0: Bride for Theodore by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)
Jessica Sanderson knows what it means to love unconditionally. She has doted on the same man for over a decade, and she’s in her early twenties. When that man’s mother asks her to be her traveling companion, she gladly accepts. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life sitting in a bank, after all. When the plan changes to something a bit crazy, she drags her feet, but finally agrees, only to have her heart broken in two.

Theodore Hughes remembers Jessica from when they were younger, but he hasn’t given her a second thought in years. When she comes to visit him as his mother’s traveling companion, he’s shocked to find out what his mother has up her sleeve. It doesn’t take him long to think that his mother might be right. But could Jess give up the comforts of city life to be a Mountie’s wife? Or will they spend the rest of their lives alone?

Book #1: Bride for Kendall by Kirsten Osbourne (click to purchase)
JoAnn Becker, a wealthy socialite from Ottawa, has devoted her life to music and teaching others. She is content with her unmarried status, still living at home with her parents. That is until one of her closest friends moves west to marry the Mountie of her dreams. Once her friend is gone, she feels a bit lost and confused. When Miss Hazel approaches her with a plan to send her out West to marry a Mountie as well, she agrees, not sure at all what to expect.

Kendall expects a wife just like his friend married—someone who will cook, clean, and dote on him. When JoAnn arrives, he finds that she’s nothing like he expects, but everything he needs. The two of them make beautiful music together, but he’s not certain it’s enough to sustain a relationship. Will JoAnn agree to stay in the West and marry Kendall? Or will she give in to her insecurities and flee back home to her privileged life in Ottawa?

Book #2: Bride for Elijah by Kay P. Dawson (click to purchase)
Rose Lambert has grown up in the wealthy society of Ottawa, but longs for a life where people will respect her for who she is, and not what her family’s status can give them. After her fiancĂ© leaves her reputation in tatters, she knows she needs to get away somewhere for a fresh start—somewhere where she will have a say in her own life.

Elijah Thorpe didn’t think he needed a wife, believing it wouldn’t be fair for a woman to marry a Mountie, only to be left a widow if something happened. But when Miss Hazel Hughes decides a man should be married, he soon finds out that she will get her way. Before he knows it, he has a woman on her way out to to British Columbia to become his bride.

When they meet, he soon realizes the woman he’s been bound to isn’t quite what he’d expected. 

What will happen when two strangers are brought together, unsure of their decision to marry? And when the past catches up and threatens to destroy the shaky foundation they’ve started to build, can their love withstand the forces trying to keep them apart?

Book #3: Bride for Nolan by Cassie Hayes (click to purchase)
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

At least that’s what Miss Hazel Hughes thinks. As a self-appointed Mountie matchmaker, she knows she’s found the right woman for one very hungry man when she meets professional chef Tilly Conway. Suffering from the fallout of a scandal that wasn’t her fault, Tilly finds herself jobless, homeless and…hopeless. When Miss Hazel offers her a chance to start a new life in British Columbia as a mail-order bride, Tilly lets fate decide her future.

Nolan Wheeler has never met a meal he didn’t like. Well, didn’t *eat* anyway. Naturally, he hopes his bride can do more than boil water, but he wants so much more in a wife than the ability to cook. He wants a partner to join him on adventures, laugh at his dumb jokes and, most importantly, want lots and lots of babies.

As Nolan and Tilly grow closer, she can’t help thinking her noble Mountie deserves so much better than a wife with a scandalous past. When she finally musters the courage to share her painful story, his reaction leaves her more uncertain than ever. Will Nolan be able to see beyond her history or is Tilly doomed to start her life over…again?

Book #4: Bride for Joel by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase
Evelyn Murray, daughter of Inspector Harold Murray and sister of four constables, has always known that she would never marry anyone but a Mountie. No other man could possibly compare to those tall, strong, noble men in red serge. When matchmaker Hazel Hughes approaches her about traveling to a tiny place called Squirrel Ridge Junction to marry Corporal Joel Clark, she leaps at the chance, believing that he’ll be the man of her dreams.

Joel Clark never thought much about marriage until his friend Theodore Hughes found himself a bride . . . er, until a bride was found for him. Suddenly, he realizes that a wife might make his life a little sweeter, and he agrees to be matched up with a young lady Miss Hazel finds suitable. When Evelyn Murray arrives on the scene, however, he knows he’s bitten off more than he can chew.

It’s going to take one wily old lady and one slow old moose to bring these two to their senses before that train heads back to Ottawa … 

Book #5: Bride for Wesley by Kirsten Osborne (click to purchase)
Lisa Allen has spent her entire life being different, and being different was perfectly fine with her as long as her two best friends were at her side. But now both of her friends have gone West to marry Mounties, leaving Lisa without their constant companionship. Lisa’s mother makes her realize she wants to be a Mountie’s wife as well, so she goes to see Miss Hazel, the matchmaker who helped her two friends find happiness.
Wesley Jacobson has never known what it was like to have a family, filling the gap with his fellow Mounties and the people he serves. When he hears that there’s a matchmaker willing to introduce Mounties to mail-order brides, he immediately sends off a letter, having no idea what to expect. What he didn’t anticipate was being sent a bride with cerebral palsy who he sees as weak and incapable. Will Lisa be able to convince Wesley that she’s as capable as any other wife in the West? Or will they spend their entire lives at cross purposes?

Book #6: Bride for Preston by Kay P. Dawson(click to purchase)
Two Wounded Hearts, One Last Chance at Love

Maryanne has spent years caring for her sister while the guilt of her accident weighs heavy on her shoulders. When her sister dies, she isn’t sure where she fits in anymore. No one has room for a plain, ordinary spinster with nothing to offer. When Miss Hazel tells her she’s found a Mountie in the Yukon Territory who she believes would be perfect for her, Maryanne figures she’s got nothing else to lose.

Preston won’t let himself fall in love with another woman who can break his heart when she finds out the truth about him. But when his commanding officer mentions that he should marry in order to make the local Indian tribes accept him, he decides he may as well take a wife. 

When Maryanne arrives, Preston soon finds himself wondering if he could trust her with the secrets from his past. As they grow to care for each other, he realizes Maryanne has much more to offer than he’d originally believed.

Can two wounded hearts find a way to trust that they are worthy of each other? And what will happen when the past shows up on their doorstep, threatening to ruin the foundation they’ve started to build?

Book #7: Bride for Dermot by Cassie Hayes (click to purchase
Sometimes the best thing to happen is for best laid plans to fall apart...

Socialite Isabelle Rochester's life has been planned out for her since she was a child: marry well and live a life of luxury as one of Ottawa's elite. Her fiancé has other plans. Humiliated after being jilted, Isabelle turns to Miss Hazel Hughes to find her a husband who will make everyone back home jealous -- especially her unfaithful ex.

Dermot Strickland only intends to be a Mountie for five years, then he's hightailing back to Vancouver to take over his father's booming lumber empire. But life in the Yukon can be cold and lonely, and he still has more than three years to go, so on a whim he agrees to marry a woman he's never met.

When Isabelle's train pulls into the town of Moose Lick, she wonders if she's made a mistake. When she sees the tiny cabin she's expected to live in -- and clean -- she knows she has. She just has to survive for a week until the train to Ottawa passes through again. Not even Dermot's rugged good looks or charming personality could make her change her mind, but that doesn't stop him from trying. After all, when a man finds the the perfect woman, he'll do anything to keep her.

Book #8: Bride for Jonathan by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)  
Elaine Crawford is a dreamer, a book reader, and an adventurer. When she sees a painting of the Yukon Territory mountains in a friend's home, she imagines herself living there, and so of course when she is approached by Miss Hazel Hughes about becoming a mail-order bride for a Mountie stationed in the Yukon, she has to accept.

Jonathan Murray has never given much thought to marriage, but when he hears from his sister Evelyn, who has recently become a mail-order bride to a Mountie, he wonders if he shouldn't give it a try. A letter to Miss Hazel should do the trick, and soon four young ladies are on their way to the Yukon. But Jonathan has no idea what he's getting into . . . and neither do the other husbands. 

Just leave it to Miss Hazel to show them all what they've been missing.

Book #9: Bride for Matthew by Kirsten Osborne (click to purchase)
Sinead Williams is frustrated with the lack of opportunity for her. She’s a fully qualified doctor, but no one wants to see a woman doctor. When the opportunity presents itself for her to go West to a community where she may be of help, she jumps on it. It doesn’t matter to her at all that she has to marry a Mountie as part of the process.

Matthew Montgomery knows exactly what he wants in a wife. He needs a woman who enjoys being at home and keeping house—someone who will have dinner on the table when he gets home every night. As soon as Sinead steps off the train, he knows she’s for him. That’s the woman God and Miss Hazel intend for him to marry. He whisks her off to the local preacher before anyone knows what’s happening. He immediately finds out she’s a doctor, which makes her exactly the opposite of what he was looking for. Will he be able to get past his preconceived notions of what a wife should be? Or will they live without love forever?

Book #10: Bride for Nathaniel by Kay P. Dawson (click to purchase)
Growing up an orphan, Claire Anderson had very few people to love. If she found one, she would sacrifice anything to help them. Which is exactly how she found herself out of a job and on the street. With her only friend in the world somewhere out west, married to a Mountie, Claire seeks out the only woman in Ottawa who might be able to help her — Miss Hazel Hughes.

Nathaniel Clarke is passionate about his job as a Mountie in Cougar Springs, Alberta, but he’s a little lost when it comes to women. All he knows is that he has no interest in the wealthy, spoiled ladies who frequent the town’s famous hot springs, so he agrees to be matched with a bride from back east. 

From the moment Claire steps off the train, she and Nathaniel begin building a life together, learning to trust and care for each other as they go. When an dangerous man from Nathaniel’s past arrives in town, is as determined to keep Claire safe.

The problem is, she’s just as determined to see the man brought to justice.

What will happen when trust is broken—even if it is being done for love?

Book #11: Bride for Easton by Cassie Hayes (click to purchase)
Even if love isn’t part of the plan, it might be exactly what's needed!

Molly Hennessy’s future was planned long before she was even born. Too bad no one ever bothered to ask her opinion on the matter. If they had, they would have learned her deepest desire was not to become a nun, but to have a large, loud, loving family of her very own. When she finally decides to live the life she wants, she seeks the help of matchmaker Miss Hazel Hughes.

Law and order are the two most important things to Easton Cooper — especially order. As Commander of the Cougar Springs Mountie station in Alberta, Easton has worked hard to earn the respect of his men. When they start making noises about finding wives, they naturally turn to their commander to lead the way, even though getting married was never part of Easton’s plan. 

He’s determined not to let his mail-order bride mess up his meticulous life. Of course, he doesn’t count on a spunky ex-nun with a fiery temper and a generous spirit. When Molly manages to turn his life upside down, inside out, and every which way but normal, Easton wonders if he’s made a mistake. But how can someone with such a good heart and such a sweet smile be a mistake? He fears he's falling for his whirlwind of a wife, which definitely wasn't part of the plan. But Easton is learning that some of the best things in life can't be put in their place.

Book #12: Bride for Samuel by Amelia C. Adams (click to purchase)
Beth James, daughter of Reverend James of Ottawa, suddenly finds herself alone in the world when her father is taken ill and passes away. With very little choices and even fewer resources, she decides to take up Miss Hazel Hughes on her offer--she will travel far away from home to marry a Mountie in a place she's never seen before--Cougar Springs.Samuel Murray knows little about marriage--he just knows that two of his siblings have been matched by Miss Hazel, and they seem very happy. When his bride arrives, he's very pleased with the arrangement, but the situation in town is dangerous, and he wonders if he'll be able to keep his new bride safe or if he's leading her into danger.