Nurses of New York

For years, medical school has only been for men, but now, women are training to become doctors, and schools are opening for nursing as well. The year is 1875, and Dr. Frank Russell has a goal - to teach deserving young women all the skills they will need to work in their communities as nurses. Eight young women enter his care, each with different personalities and levels of aptitude. Together with Irene Cantrell, his head nurse, he will guide them along this narrow and sometimes prickly path until they have graduated and become the nurses of New York.

Book #1: Sea of Strangers (now free- click to download)

Jeanette Peterson left behind the man who loves her to go to nursing school in New York, promising to come back in six months and marry him. His love is the only thing that sees her through the trials ahead. When the time comes to make the toughest decision of all, will she choose justice or mercy out of many shades of gray?

From Amelia C. Adams, bestselling author of the Kansas Crossroads series, comes this novella about one girl's desire to follow her dreams and the man who encourages her from miles away.

Book #2: Cause of Conflict (now available - click to purchase)

Sophie Jones is a spirited girl who wants to bring light into the lives of her patients. Dr. Edward Gregory is a man afflicted with demons both physical and emotional. When the two are assigned to work together as part of Sophie's training, it seems they will never get along, but a common goal may just be the key to unlocking their conflict. 

Book #3: Touch of Tenderness (now available - click to purchase)

Nursing student Libby Green is devoted to her studies and loves the work she does, but she very much dislikes the role nurses play in the medical field. She wishes she had the chance to make a real difference, to share her opinion, to be heard rather than overlooked. When her mentor suggests that there just might be a way for that to happen, she realizes that perhaps she's not meant to be a nurse, but a doctor instead.

Composer and pianist Lewis Franklin has come to New York seeking inspiration and maybe even a position with an orchestra. When an accident robs him of his sight, he leans on his music to hold him up during this uncertain time - his music, and a kind nurse with a gentle touch.

Fate brought them together - now will fate tear them apart?

Book #4: Heart of Hearts (now available - click to purchase

Irene Cantrell has been Dr. Russell's head nurse for seven years. She can't imagine any other life than working at his side, but a young man from her past shows up in New York City and makes it clear that he's still interested, and she can't help but be flattered. Frank Russell has been one of New York's preeminent surgeons, but something's wrong with his hand, putting his career in jeopardy. When medicine is all he's ever known, how can he hope to create a new life for himself? As a doctor, Frank has relied on his nurse for everything, but this is a problem she can't solve. Together, however, maybe they can forge a new path.

Book #5: Test of Time (now available - click to purchase)

Jeanette's course of study in New York is almost over - in three weeks, she will graduate with her nursing certificate and return home to Topeka, where her fiance, Dr. Phillip Wayment, has been waiting. But she's been gone for six months, and so much can happen in six months. She's changed since she left - what if he doesn't want her anymore? And has he changed too?

Test of Time concludes the Nurses of New York series.