Nurses of New York

For years, medical school has only been for men, but now, women are training to become doctors, and schools are opening for nursing as well. The year is 1875, and Dr. Frank Russell has a goal - to teach deserving young women all the skills they will need to work in their communities as nurses. Eight young women enter his care, each with different personalities and levels of aptitude. Together with Irene Cantrell, his head nurse, he will guide them along this narrow and sometimes prickly path until they have graduated and become the nurses of New York.

This series is a spin-off of Kansas Crossroads and follows one of the Brody Hotel waitresses on her journey to become medically trained. 
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Sea of Strangers
Nurses of New York Book One

Cause of Conflict
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Touch of Tenderness
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Heart of Hearts
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Test of Time
Nurses of New York Book Five