Kansas Cowboys

The Lazy Q Ranch just north of Topeka boasts some of the finest cattle in the state, bred and raised by a dozen seasoned cowboys who thought they had everything they could want in life. Then the owner of the ranch up and got married. Now they're thinking they might need wives of their own, and Old Sully Crenshaw has an idea - they should send back east for some mail-order brides. Five of the men decide to take the plunge and put their hearts on the line, but when things don't go exactly as planned, will they still find themselves walking down the aisle?
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A Wrangler for Wynonna
Kansas Cowboys Book One
 A Handyman for Helen
Kansas Cowboys Book Two

 A Rancher for Rowena
Kansas Cowboys Book Three
 A Cattleman for Cora
Kansas Cowboys Book Four

A Foreman for Fiona
Kansas Cowboys Book Five