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American Mail-Order Brides

Book #3: Hope, Bride of New Jersey (click to purchase)

In this faithful Jane Eyre retelling, Hope Middleton was all but thrown away by the family that was supposed to care for her. Now on her own, she loses her job when the factory where she worked burned to the ground. With no other alternatives, she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride and travels to Newark, New Jersey, expecting a simple life in a quiet community. Instead, she is thrown into the middle of the dark mystery that surrounds her enigmatic fiancé, with only the chance of falling in love as her saving grace.

This retelling brings the drama of a Bronte classic together with the romance of a mail-order bride novella.

Book #24: Tabitha, Bride of Missouri (click to purchase)

An orphan since she was ten, Tabitha Phillips was raised by a cousin who resented her, and she went out on her own as soon as she could. When the factory where she was working burned down, she was forced to return to her childhood home under the scrutiny of her critical relatives.

As an employee at the post office, Tabitha isn't supposed to become involved in the doings of her customers. But when one young man's heart could be broken by a thoughtless letter, she sees a chance to make a  difference . . . for herself as well as for him.

Brides of Beckham:

Mail Order Molly (click to purchase)

Molly Wainwright had never intended to become a mail-order bride, but when she picked up a copy of the Grooms' Gazette on a lark, something about one of the advertisements catches her eye. She decides to send away for more information, knowing her heart will never be at peace unless she gives this a chance.

Noel Williams has his hands full running the theater that was left to him by his grandmother. He doesn't have time for romance, and would rather do away with the whole process altogether. 

In this humorous quick read set in Kirsten Osbourne's world of Beckham, can an adventurous girl and a distracted businessman find what they've been seeking in each other?

I had a lot of fun participating in the Grandma's Wedding Quilts series, which tells the story of a family brought together through the quilts their grandmother sewed for them. I wrote book #4, the story of Meredith, the youngest daughter of the eldest child.

The summer Meredith turned eighteen was filled with romance and laughter - two young men sought her hand, and she chose the one she thought would make her the happiest. He certainly was the most handsome, and the wealthiest, and could offer her the most pleasant life. But that turned out to be a mistake . . . one she would regret for a very long time.

In a strange twist of fate, now she's being given a chance to set things right. Will she be able to live down her past, or will her foolishness keep coming back to haunt her and keep her from ever being happy with the man she loves?