Print Book Sale!

Welcome to a special Mother's Day print book sale ... although you don't have to be celebrating Mother's Day to take advantage of these deals!

All my stories are available as ebooks, but only some are available in print. Those books are listed below, along with special event pricing. Shipping costs will go down if multiple books are sent in the same package. 

To place your order, please send an email to, indicate which books you're ordering and how you'd like them signed, and the address to which they are being shipped. I accept PayPal (preferred) or check. Please note that books will not be shipped until checks are received.

If these are a Mother's Day gift, I can ship them directly to your mother, along with a card telling her who sent them. It's important that you indicate all these preferences in your email.

I must receive all orders by March 30th so I can be sure to have stock in place for your Mother's Day gift giving. 


A New Beginning  $8.00 Shipping $5.00

Bribing the Blacksmith $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Bride for Joel $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Benjamin $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Daniel $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Frank $7.00 Shipping $5.00

And Something Blue $7.00 Shipping $5.00

For Love or Money $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Five Golden Rings $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Just Desserts $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Between the Lines $7.00 Shipping $5.00

In the Stars $7.00 Shipping $5.00

Sugar and Spice $7.00 Shipping $5.00
Remember that multiple books being sent to the same address will receive a shipping discount. If you have any questions, please pop me a note at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.