Something's In the Air ...

I don't know what it is, but I've had the hardest time staying focused lately, and many of my author friends have reported feeling the same way. I've had about two weeks in a row now where all I've really wanted is to stay in bed with Netflix. My sisters got me hooked on NCIS. That show is awesome for ideas for how to plot and get viewer involvement with the characters, but it's sure not getting my books written!

I am still pushing ahead, even though I feel like a slug in sweats. I'm working on An Unspoken Dream, which is Kansas Crossroads #13 (Hey, maybe that's the problem! 13's an unlucky number, right? Or it's supposed to be - I don't believe in stuff like that) and I have a cute standalone novel coming out on April 25th called Sweet Georgia Peach. Excited about both of those.

No news yet on our house. We're waiting to hear from the home loan lady. As my sister, who is a Realtor, says, this is a business of hurry up and wait.  :)