Kind of a Crazy Goal ...

At the end of 2016, I sat down and made up a goal sheet for 2017. I love making lists and charting out what I need to do to get where I'm trying to go - it helps keep me focused. I don't always follow those charts to the letter - okay, I rarely do - but they get me thinking and moving forward.

One of the goals I made was to publish two books a month. That's super crazy, right? Yes! I agree! Totally! But the books I'm writing fall into the 35,000-word range, so they aren't super long, and most of them are fairly light. This seemed like a pretty doable goal.

Well, I"m happy to announce that I'm right on track. I released Meredith's Mistake toward the beginning of January, Test of Time near the end of January, The Echo of Music (as part of the Gunsmoke and Gingham anthology) in the middle of February, and Welcome Wagon at the end of February. I'm currently writing A Twisted Fate, which will be Kansas Crossroads #12.

That is a lot that I've bitten off. And life has definitely tried to slow me down - my mother passed in January, and we've had a ton of pretty rotten illnesses around here this winter. But writing helps me cope, so this goal has actually been a useful one for me with everything else that's going on.

And then in the middle of all this, we decided to try to buy a house. We've been renters until now, so this is a whole new experience for us. Wish us luck because it's pretty frightening.  :)